An Evening with Dr Margaret Mungherera Autumn 2013

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Anevening with Margaret Mungherera, President-elect of the World Medical Association, 2013-2014  Friday, 20 September 2013  London, United Kingdom
“It is time for change in Africa,” says the President-elect of the World Medical Association (WMA) Dr Margaret Mungherera addressing the audience of students and members of various non-government organizations based in the United Kingdom at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London last week.

“I am very excited and look forward to giving back something to mother Africa as I have always done for my country” the Ugandan born Doctor told the audience.
She went on to say that Africa is rich with resources, but corruption and poor planning methods especially the way wealth is distributed by governments had led to inequalities in standards of living, poverty and in many cases, wars as people try to better their lives.
Talking about her plans during her time in office, she said she plans to organise regional committees “four major ones: North, East, West, and South.” Each region having a big voice that can be heard by the World Health Organisation, western governments and major funding organisations. “If you have one voice and come up with ideas of how to improve the health of that region, I don’t see why someone won’t hear what you have to say.”
Recalling her experience working in Ugandan hospitals especially in mental health, a part of medicine in Africa that is often over looked as far as funding is concerned, she said it is time to look at it as rising in urban areas especially in light of the increasing drug abuse culture. 
She thanked everybody who supported her and reminded them to be part of a winning team.
“You Africans in the diaspora can influence changes in policies affecting African development, both in Africa and here. If funds go to the right areas once received they can change so many lives.”


Other speakers on the day were Doctor Wangui Manguyu, Chair of the East African Healthcare Forum, Mr. Ralph Tanyi, Malaria Working Group and Doctor Vuni Joseph, Telemedicine Working Group.

The event was hosted by the East African Healthcare Forum & Africa-UK.
Steve Mulindwa,
Journalist, Radio Presenter, Voice of Africa 94FM