The East African Health Forum (EAHForum) was established in December 2011 after 5 of the founding members attended a health event at the Royal Society of Medicine in London UK, organised by the Royal African Society and AFFORD-UK in November 2011.

We were inspired by the different health diaspora partnerships on the African organisations. EAHForum was born and East African health care professionals with the fundamental goal of providing a UK-based platform for networking, information gathering and skills sharing where like-minded individuals can discuss topical health issues, share information and be exposed new ideas. We felt this is also a fundamental part of our vision.

The core members of the EAHForum have backgrounds ranging from medicine, surgery, anaesthesia, and nursing to radiology, pharmacy, public health, and health systems management.

Our medium to long term goal is to establish partnerships with individuals and organisations based in the UK and in East Africa allowing members to get involved in overseas placements or provide UK based support.  The health links would also allow medium and long term collaborations to be established.

One of our core values is to support the training and education of our East African peers.  This is because of the challenges regarding validation of clinical training, standardisation of care and practicing evidence based health care.  We felt that we could work through advocacy platforms, supporting policy development and capacity building.  This was previously achieved through Global health All parliamentary group, The Commonwealth,  and becoming part of the umbrella organisation Better Health Care for Africa.