12th April 2013, Spring Event. Enabling access to safer maternal care & medicines

DATE: 12th April 2013

VENUE: Uganda High Commission, London

Enabling access to safer maternal care & medicines

We were pleased to have Samara Hammond and Guy Woods speak at our first event of 2013.  Once again, our event was hosted by the Uganda High Commission and we were honoured to have Isaac Sebulime, the Deputy High Commissioner open the meeting.

Samara Hammond, a highly experienced Nurse Practitioner and Public Health specialist is the current CEO of AMREF-UK.  She described AMREF’s role in the provision of healthcare and in training healthcare workers in an increasing number of African countries.  She also highlighted AMREF’s ‘Stand Up For African Mothers‘ campaign which aims to train 15,000 African midwives by 2015.  To highlight the unacceptable rates of maternal mortality in Africa and the need for more trained midwives, AMREF are calling for the symbolic nomination of Esther Madudu, (an AMREF-trained midwife working in Katine District Uganda) for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.  You can sign the petition here and support the campaign here.  AMREF-UK are also interested in developing networks with the UK-based African diaspora. Watch this space!

Guy Woods, an international risk consultant is the Managing Director of Lacuna Research Limited.  One of his many roles involves advising governments all over the world on improving access to safe medicines.  In his talk he gave a very comprehensive overview of the increasing public health challenge of counterfeit medicines. He described the multi-faceted nature of the problem – the absence of robust medical supply chains, the absence of regulation and government-backed enforcement,  the lack of quality control and the absence of transparent tendering processes.  The business of medicines procurement is complex but Guy expertly pitched his talk at a level that resulted in a fascinating talk and insightful questions from an engaged audience.

Spurious/falsely-labelled/falsified/counterfeit (SFFC) medicines are getting the high level attention that they deserve from World Health Organisation (WHO) initiatives.  You can read more about this here.

The evening ended with a stimulating Q&A session and a networking reception.

We would like to thank  Samara Hammond and Guy Woods for their engaging talks, The Uganda High Commission for being wonderful hosts and our audience for attending and for their insightful questions.

 More pictures from the event here.